What Lisa’s Clients Say…

Working with Lisa has brought so much joy and insight into my life. She helps me reflect on important issues and helps me realize what needs work and what needs celebrating.

She also helps me realize how BIG things are when I tend to just brush or shrug them off as nothing. This has helped heal some hurt and celebrate even more positives.

I always feel good after talking to Lisa, no matter how I’m feeling before jumping on my call with her.”


Lisa immediately put me at ease and quickly got to the core of some of my self-made challenges. 

She helped me vocalize some things that I, in my heart of hearts, knew I needed to change.  This was not particularly comfortable but was necessary for us to then to be able to talk about some small changes I could make to help relieve some of the stresses and pressures that were affecting my health.

After our sessions, I do not feel obliged to say ‘yes’ to everything and manage my workloads and expectations (my own of myself and other people’s) with strategic ‘no’s’.  Would highly recommend Lisa


“Working with Lisa was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is inspiring and helped me to think in ways outside my typical box of thinking. She is great at listening to what is on your mind and adding to your ideas in ways that motivate you to keep moving forward.

Lisa has an energy and enthusiasm about her that makes you want to meet with her to brainstorm your options for what is next in your life. I highly recommend using Lisa’s coaching services to take your energy and motivation to the next level.”


“I would definitely recommend having coaching with Lisa. I found her to be professional, a good listener, she understood the issues I raised and structured the sessions accordingly, we worked together to set achievable goals for the week ahead and I always felt inspired and uplifted by the end of the session. “

Sarah P

“Thanks Lisa for helping me see things so much clearer when I was at a Crossroads, prompting me to think about make some life changing decisions. I am exercising more, even if some days it is only baby steps. This is helping my mental health greatly. I have taken early retirement which really was the best decision for me. I Can’t recommend you enough to anyone considering Life Coaching. You are amazing. You have so much life experience and have so much empathy & are a fantastic listener. You also encourage others to think outside of the box. Thanks again for all your help & support.”


“Lisa is the perfect Life Coach because she’s seen it all. She has walked through the proverbial fire of life and arose on the other side with even more empathy and wisdom.

She is intuitive, seeing through the fog and haze and pinpointing where things could improve. She holds your hand as she guides you through; all the while making you laugh as you go.

I highly recommend her.


My coaching sessions with Lisa have been so helpful. Lisa is very understanding and is a great listener. She helped me identify what I have been desiring in my career and ultimately my life.

Once I established what I really wanted, she helped me identify the areas that are holding me back. I have always wanted to create my own clothing line. I worked with Lisa to release these blocks and put some realistic action plans in place. I realised life is short and I need to pursue my passion. I am now the proud owner of my own clothing line and look forward to building my business and creating the life I have always dreamed of. I am so grateful I invested in ME!

I highly recommend Coach Lisa.


Lisa has been instrumental in helping me identity what had been keeping me immobilised and unmotivated. Lisa helped identity a core, deep issue that I never even mentioned. I thought this issues was unresolvable. I am grateful for Lisa’s wise guidance and thought provoking questions. I finished my sessions peaceful, settled and grateful. Thank you Lisa!


After having had years at work wondering why I was feeling like I was in a never ending hamster wheel, I decided to get some guidance and direction. I contacted Lisa, who was brilliant! She gave me some clarity and helped me feel positive in my approach to moving forward with life goals and look forward to enjoying my life again.


Lisa Marie has warmth, experience and knowledge in abundance. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to set and reach any personal goal, and have full support and guidance along the way.”


Lisa is an exceptional coach. Warm, open, caring yet strategic and clear in approach which helped me to think more clearly and strategically about a number of issues that I was struggling to progress with. I am so grateful for Lisa’s interventions and would unreservedly recommend her to friends.”


“I was really struggling with well organising my life, feeling overwhelmed and low, giving myself a hard time regularly. Not giving myself praise for the little achievements. You really made me see things clearer, understand myself better and most of all appreciate the positives in my life. Thank you Lisa.
Would highly recommend.”


“The most terrifying thought about talking to someone is that they’ll tell you it’s all in your head. When you’re seeking validation and being able to say “so this is me, this is where my head’s at and this is what I can do going forwards”… just to be told you’re being daft, you’re fine. It’s an irrational fear but it’s there.

There is none of that with Lisa. There is just acceptance, understanding and help. You’re talking to someone who in some aspect has dealt with all these emotions, insecurities and struggles just like yourself and the feeling of being understood is the most indescribable thing. It’s euphoric and calm all at the same time and it doesn’t just stop there. This same individual then offers advice and help and some shoulders to lean to on while you learn to find strength in yourself.

Sometimes we all need a little help finding ourselves and I can never repay Lisa for helping me find ‘me’. She (me) has always been there, I just had to learn to understand her and Lisa helped me do that! Thank you so much for that!